Root Cycle Cristopher Cichocki Building Beyond Together

Project: Root Cycle by Cristopher Cichocki

By Nikola Tosic

Building Beyond Together collaborated with Californian Land Artist Cristopher Cichocki on a multidisciplinary installation titled: Root Cycle. Root Cycle is an architectural intervention that explores the relationship between nature and industrial production.

Root Cycle was exhibited on September 10, 2016 in Bassano del Grappa, Italy within the historic Villa Angarano. A short length documentary along with unreleased documentation of Root Cycle is now available for embedded publishing HERE

About Root Cycle

The installation consisted of following key elements:
1) A structure made of Geoplast New Elevetor products.
2) Hundreds of Aloe Vera planted into the structure transitioning within perceptions of Light and Space.
3) The Villa Angarano – designed by legendary architect Andrea Palladio was the site for Root Cycle.

Root Cycle combined modern construction methods, historic and cultural architectural tendencies, along with the natural elements that react to them.

Building Beyond Together’s goal of collaborating with a Land Artist artist like Cristopher Cichocki is to inspire architects and engineers to prioritize sustainability. While sustainability and climate change are frequently used terms in design, they still have a long way to go until they are fully dominant.

Artist statement

Root Cycle is an architectural intervention that explores the relationship between nature and industrial production. Aloe Vera and the New Elevetor by Geoplast were the core materials used in the installation. The primary function of both materials is to preserve an essential element of life; water. Root Cycle was realized on site of Andrea Palladio’s Villa Angarano,historic landmark building that has been persevered for centuries due to its reverent integration within its surrounding environment. The synthesis between Aloe Vera, New Elevetor and the Villa Angarano fuse a passage through time, bridging a discussion about sustainability that considers our ancient past and imminent future.

About Cristopher Cichocki

Cristopher Cichocki encapsulates the cycle of decay and renewal through an examination between humankind, the natural world, and industrial production. Extending upon the historical trajectory of Land Art, Cichocki underlines the increasingly toxic global environment confronting our planet in the new millennium. Situated on the fringe of art and natural science, the artist’s environmental interventions reflect on the timeline spanning from prehistoric oceans to present-day transmutations.

About Villa Angarano

Villa Angarano, located in Bassano del Grappa, Veneto, Italy, is one of the original villa’s designed by Andrea Palladio which is featured in the architectural masterpiece book I Quattro Libri dell’Architettura. It is considered an example of architectural capacity that pleases human needs, both aesthetical and practical.

About Geoplast

Geoplast is an Italian designer and manufacturer of innovative construction products. All Geoplast products focus on improving sustainability and minimizing climate change. Geoplast’s main goals are to reduce carbon emissions by offering alternatives to concrete, empower faster building, manageheavy rainfalls, and increase the number of green surfaces worldwide. Geoplast products are made exclusively of recycled plastics. Spanning 4 decades of experience the company has created hundreds of sustainable solutions that use a range of more than 40 products.